Christopher Pennington
Chief Executive Officer, Pennington Electronic® Inc.

Pennington is the Chief Executive Officer of Pennington Electronic Inc., established in 2009 with headquarters Indiana, USA, supplies comprehensive solutions in three key areas – Workplace, Network, and Data Center with Electronic Products, Support and Service.

We help maximize the availability, efficiency and productivity of your IT and Electronic Security infrastructure regardless of its maturity. Our experienced professionals and strategic partnerships transform your IT and Electronic Security environment to a future state centered on a pleasing end user experience supported by advanced, cloud-based or on-demand technologies, products, support and services.

A 22-year veteran of the Information Technology Industry, Pennington formed Pennington Electronic Inc. in July of 2009 with talent and experience. Prior to the venture and CEO position, he served as Electronic System Integrator, IT System Technician/Administrator, Sales & Marketing Associate, Business Development Manager & Strategic Investments Manager, and Professional Development Manager for VW, ComputerLand and PENN-COM Mobile Communications (Cellular-One) in Ohio, USA.
In his previous roles, Pennington was responsible for brand and strategic marketing and revenue, and oversaw a large employee base with dozens of Electronic Systems Integrators, IT Technicians/Integrators, Sales, Service and Office personnel. He guided a broad range of initiatives including business development, corporate strategic planning, banking negotiations, business partnerships, product marketing, professional development, competitive brand positioning, marketing, advertising and promotions.
Additionally, Mr. Pennington holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, a degree of PC Support and Administration, a degree of Computer Information Technology from Ivy Tech College and holds many certificates from the US Small Business Association, US Government and US and overseas manufactures.
Mr. Pennington is a US Army Veteran and a member of .