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About Pennington Electronic Inc.® 

Pennington Electronic Inc. started with a singular goal in mind: to bring to market the most reliable and dependable Security Products possible. With unique expertise in design and engineering, with distinctive styling, features and branding, and top notch hardware and software, Pennington Electronic Inc. continues on its way to making its mark in a growing market. Pennington Electronic started to build and sell their first PC based Security System in 2009. Using anonymous purchasing techniques, Pennington Electronic tested systems from Tier 1 companies selling similar equipment, and shed a light on an industry that lacked severely in customer service and follow up support. Unlike others, Pennington Electronic and Pennington Electronic Security Products proved time and time again to be up to the task. If issues arise, Pennington Electronic is able to step up to the plate and show what separates the winners from the losers. Experienced and talented personnel support or Customer Service which is number 1 priority at Pennington Electronic. Pennington Electronic Inc. builds purebred, PC, NVR and DVR based Security Systems for the mainstream and high-end surveillance needs, covering any scenarios and application. Pennington Electronic markets these through, Electronic Security Products Company which sells, supports and services DAHAU, PE and other manufactures Security Products here in the USA only. They support our customers in-house with experienced and talented technicians. Pennington Electronic Inc. use the most advanced technologies for PC, NVR and DVR based Security Systems and retains one of the highest levels of experience and talent in the industry in building and customizing PC, NVR and DVR based Security Products, plus our reputation to never falter no matter the stakes has been the foundation of our success from the very beginning. Electronic Security Products Company history show’s that they will continue to carry on the Pennington Electronic Inc. legacy that keeps current customers coming back and keeps surprising new customers with experienced and talented service and support personnel. Pennington Electronic passionately helps shape the future of the PC and DVR based Security Products, and Electronic Security Products Company now as part of Pennington Electronic Inc. a player in the surveillance industry feel inspired to continue in that tradition of excellence by selling, supporting and servicing high-quality products with groundbreaking technologies. Pennington Electronic Security Products Company will continue doing what Pennington Electronic Inc. has done with all the passion PE had when they started.

That’s a promise,
Christopher R Pennington