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CEO, Pennington Electronic Inc.

Christopher Pennington
CEO, Pennington Electronic Inc.®

Pennington is the Chief Executive Officer of Pennington Electronic Inc.®, doing business as Electronic Security Products and Pennington Electronic Security Products, established in 2009 with headquarters Indiana, USA, and supplies the highest quality video surveillance equipment by DAHUA® and PE® manufacture’s. Pennington Electronic Inc. is involved in all electronic system aspects of the residential, commercial and institutional industries.
A 22-year veteran of the Information Technology Industry, Pennington formed Pennington Electronic Inc. in July of 2009. Prior to the venture and CEO position, he served as a Electronic System Integrator, Sales & Marketing Associate, Business Development & Strategic Investments Manager, Professional Development Manager for ComputerLand and PENN-COM Mobile Communications in Ohio, USA.
In his previous roles, Pennington was responsible for brand and strategic marketing and revenue, and oversaw a large employee base, with dozens of Electronic System Integrators, Service and Office personnel. He guided a broad range of initiatives including business development, corporate strategic planning, banking negotiations, business partnerships, product marketing, professional development, competitive brand positioning, advertising and promotions.
Additionally, Mr. Pennington holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Arizona, a degree of PC Support and Administration, a degree of Computer Information Technology from Ivy Tech College and holds many certificates from the US Small Business Association, US Government and US and overseas manufactures.
Mr. Pennington is a US Army Veteran and a member of navoba.

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